"Connections" launch party
Jul 11, 2024

"Connections" launch party

24 Portland Place, Edinburgh, UK

We are delighted to invite you to the launch party of Connections.

An exhibition of Scottish & Ukrainian artists at the 24 Art Gallery, in Leith 6pm on 11th July.

This exhibition demonstrates that art has no borders.

Even though not all the Ukrainian artists can be present in person, as they are in Ukraine or displaced, their art can reach out and create a connection. And Scottish artists exhibiting, do so, to extend the hand of friendship in their absence. We invite you to explore the artistic interaction of two cultures, with a commonality that unites through art.

The exhibition will continue until the 21st July – Wed-Sun – 1pm – 6pm

Artists taking part in the “Connections” exhibition:

Artem Andreichuk, Nicolas Arsani, John Bellany, Elina Bilous, Ronnie Buchan, Alan Chapman, Craigo, Alan Davie, Daniel Ibbotson, Tasmin Haggis, Wendi Helliwell, Rona Innes, Marina Gorbunova, Ross Georgeson, Vladislav Khristenko, Oleksandr Khrapachov, Andrey & Alexey Kulibin, James Liversedge, Limooonli, Harvey McMillan, Liana Moran, Dennis Purcell, Vladimir Radko, Dasha Skorubsky-Kandinsky, James Strachan, Yuriy Vatkin, Peter Wheatcroft, Daria Zhuravel, Mykola Zhuravel, Jolomo.

The exhibition in partnership with the Scottish Design Exchange, Bare Branding, and Promotion Gallery.

I look forward to welcoming you in 24 Art Gallery.

With warmest Regards,

Mykola Zinchenko

24 Art Gallery GM

24 Portland Place,





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