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Мaryna Gorbunova

Ukraine / Scotland

Emerging Ukrainian artist currently living in temporary asylum on the west coast of Scotland. After graduating from the art school in Mykolayiv, in southern Ukraine, he majored in jet engine design engineering and seemed to have abandoned his art career forever. However, the war in Ukraine, which began in February 2022, has brought her back to art. After six months in Nikolaev, under constant bombardment, Marina left Ukraine and found refuge in Scotland.

In Scotland, she began a new career as a painter, working in the genre of traditional academic portrait using the ancient techniques of the Dutch masters, smfumato and chiaroscuro. In addition to her own art practice, she teaches drawing to a community of Ukrainian refugees in Inverclyde, Scotland.

He is currently working on a project called "Faces of War", dedicated to his three sons who have been on the frontline since the early days of the war and their wives. Her works are characterized by a deep emotional content and a faith in the triumph of kindness, love, and tenderness over the horrors of war. Their heroes are young Ukrainians aged 20 to 35, who fight for the freedom of their homeland and face all the difficulties of wartime. This is a group of motivated and highly educated young people who grew up with democratic values during Ukraine’s independence.

Мaryna Gorbunova

Still life with parsley

Мaryna Gorbunova

40x40x10 cm
"Connections" launch party
Jul 11, 2024
  • 24 Portland Place, Edinburgh, UK

"Connections" launch party

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