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Jason Cordingley


Jason Cordingley is an Edinburgh based painter and Art educator. In 1990 he achieved a BA Honors degree in Art, four years later completing an MA in Art Education from the Institute of Education, University of London and has continued practicing painting, sculpture and teaching ever since.  Jason's work has been shown in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxford, London and Lisbon and is collected internationally. 

Jason's style of landscape painting is uniquely vibrant, giving a poetic insight into an audacious reality of extreme colours and textures. he has developed this approach over the past twenty five years using multiple layers of oil paint thickeners and glazes.By playing with paint he creates intense lighting effects that interact boldly with abstracted images of sky, sea and land. He has a particular fascination with the way in which buildings and structures punctuate the natural landscape producing dramatic backdrops for the ever changing elements. Bridges, monuments and historic buildings are often predominant in his work. Jason spends much of his time exploring the landscape in all weathers whilst walking his dog Millie.  He is constantly inspired by the ever changing quality of light and atmosphere that these unique locations provide.

"I am particularly interested in capturing the changing nature of light’s interaction with the landscape. Deliberately playing with the contrast and colour levels in my compositions and painting in an impasto manner.  This gives the canvas an opulent and vivacious voice.”

Through a love of texture and passion for creating work that is as bold as the landscape is rugged he echoes the vitality of the Scottish elements.  

Jason Cordingley

Ross Fountain

Jason Cordingley

37″ × 52″ / 94 × 132 cm

Calton Hill, XXI Century

Jason Cordingley

60.1 × 60.1 in | 153 × 153 cm

Calton Hill

Jason Cordingley

57.5″ × 94.5″ / 146 × 240 cm

Forth Crossing

Jason Cordingley

64.5″ × 57.5″ / 164 × 146 cm

Seascape Aberdour

Jason Cordingley

37.5″ × 62″ / 95 × 157 cm

Red Bridge

Jason Cordingley

37″ × 75″ / 94 × 190 cm

Grand Canal 'Sunset'

Jason Cordingley

181 X 122 cm

Grand Canal 'Bellini'

Jason Cordingley

128 X 85 cm
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