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Christina Balushka


BALUSHKA PAPER FLORAL ARTISTRY is based out of Houston, TX and the flowers are shipped around the world.  Paper flowers are used to decorate special events, office spaces, music festivals, retail stores, galleries, fashion and trade shows, nurseries and are used for home decor.  

All of the flowers are handmade in the studio.  The finest paper is used to  create  flowers. Balushka's  inspiration comes from nature, geometry, travels, life itself, and from emotions  through the moment of creation. Flowers bring love and happiness to people. The flowers always have something new to tell or show in their darts and folds, and they last.

At the BALUSHKA PAPER FLORAL ARTISTRY studio, paper flowers are being created, embellished with crystals, pearls and lace, stenciled and custom monogrammed.

Christina Balushka

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