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Anna Atoyan


Anna Atoyan was born in 1967 in Lviv, Ukraine. From an early age she has always been interested in drawings and creative activities. Her work is strongly influenced by events and contemporary culture and has many ironic nuances and messages from her childhood. Anna Atoyan – is an artist with the ironic genre of art and she has the rare talent to tell a personal story drama. If the word was her tool she could write screenplays. But she paints on silk and her stories often compared to film shots. Atoyan is really like writing the illustrations to her “short films” full of life feelings with fine humor and drama.

Anna Atoyan

M. Hari

Anna Atoyan

29.5″ × 37.5″ / 75 × 95 cm


Anna Atoyan

13″ × 31.5″ / 33 × 80 cm

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