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Andrej Dudchenko


Andrey Dudchenko was born in 1983 in Yalta, Ukraine. He graduated from the Crimean Art School of N.S. Samokish in 2002. He continued his studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Department of painting) in Kiev, where he graduated in 2009. He continued with doctoral studies at the same university. Since 2008 he has featured in many solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine as well overseas.

Moving away from real world and nearing surreal, the art of Andrey Dudchenko shows us how a blend of reality and dreams can transform into marvelous compositions. This young artist is undoubtedly influenced by the metaphysical painting tradition, although his painting shows a subtle understanding of alienation in the contemporary world. The reduced and unusual settings of his painting are used to create strong atmospheric scenes. Even when he leaves Surrealism, and engages into a conventional genre such as landscape, an atmosphere of alienation remains untouched in his work and it depicts sculptural, static and almost monumental approach to the painting which led his work to classical ideals of art and beauty.


Andrej Dudchenko

Green Door

Andrej Dudchenko

51″ × 27.5″ / 130 × 70 cm

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