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CaerlaveRock Castle

25 x 31 cm

Delve into the mystique of Scottish history with this limited edition etching of “CaerlaveRock Castle”. An exquisite creation by a renowned artist, this piece celebrates the rugged beauty and historic allure of Scotland’s ancient fortresses.


  • Medium: Etching on paper, aquatint
  • Edition: C3/5 from a limited edition of 10
  • Year of Creation: 2023
  • Signature: Signed and dated
  • Image Size: 13 x 20 cm
  • Paper Size: 25 x 31 cm
  • Price: £80

Historical Significance

“CaerlaveRock Castle” captures the essence of Scotland’s medieval heritage. While the castle itself may be a figment of the artist’s imagination, it embodies the spirit of countless ancient fortifications that dot Scotland’s landscape. These castles stand as enduring symbols of Scotland’s turbulent past, offering glimpses into centuries of history, legend, and lore.

Why Such a Piece?

This limited edition etching is a rare treasure, with only 10 pieces available. Its modest size belies its significance, as it encapsulates the essence of Scotland’s castle-dotted landscape. Whether you’re a collector, a history enthusiast, or simply an admirer of fine art, “CaerlaveRock Castle” promises to captivate and inspire.


This piece is in pristine condition, signed and dated by the artist. Each print is carefully crafted to ensure its longevity and quality.

Purchase Information

To acquire this exceptional piece, please contact us directly. Shipping options are available for both domestic and international customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.


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