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Blair castle

32.2 х 42.2 cm

Enhance your art collection with this exquisite limited edition etching by Vladislav Khristenko (b.1963). Presented by Promotion Gallery, “Blair Castle” captures the majestic beauty of one of Scotland’s most historic castles with remarkable detail and artistry.


  • Artist: Vladislav Khristenko
  • Title: Blair Castle
  • Medium: Etching on paper, aquatint
  • Edition: C3/5 from a limited edition of 10
  • Year of Creation: 2023
  • Signature: Signed and dated by the artist
  • Image Size: 14.7 x 21 cm
  • Paper Size: 25.5 x 31.7 cm
  • Framed Dimensions: 32.2 х 42.2 cm
  • Price: £100
  • Seller: Promotion Gallery

Historical Review:

Vladislav Khristenko, born in 1963, is renowned for his intricate etchings and masterful use of aquatint. His artworks often explore historical and architectural subjects, bringing them to life with exceptional precision. "Blair Castle" is no exception, depicting the historic Blair Castle in Perthshire, Scotland. Dating back to the 13th century, Blair Castle has a rich history, having played significant roles in various historical events including the Jacobite rebellions. Khristenko’s etching not only captures the architectural beauty of the castle but also evokes the essence of its storied past.

Why This Piece?

This limited edition etching is a rare collectible, with only 10 pieces available. Khristenko’s use of aquatint technique enhances the depth and texture of the image, making it a standout addition to any art collection. The artist’s signature and limited edition number ensure its authenticity and value.


This piece is in excellent condition, professionally framed to preserve its quality and enhance its display. Promotion Gallery guarantees the authenticity and quality of our artworks, making "Blair Castle" by Vladislav Khristenko a remarkable addition to any collection.

Purchase Information:

To purchase this exceptional piece or for further inquiries, please contact the Promotion Gallery. We are proud to offer this exquisite work of art to discerning collectors.


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