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Wendi Helliewell


Wendy Helliwell is a visual artist from Edinburgh. She grew up in the 80’s and her work is influenced by fashion, pop culture and advertising from glossy fashion magazines. Primarily self taught Wendy advanced her passion studying courses at Edinburgh College of Art.

With celebration and critique Wendy puts the spotlight on our consumerist culture by deconstructing and reassembling fashion magazine (regularly Vogue) often over repurposed fabric. She aims to display diversity with a sustainable and innovative approach by the use of multiple materials, including many throw away effects. Layers of detail and colour often in three dimensional form mimic the arresting values of the initial magazine adverts themselves.

Wendi Helliewell

«Fashion assamblage»

Wendi Helliewell

40x100 cm

Vogue Lips, XXI Century

Wendi Helliewell

13.4 × 25.3 in | 35 × 65 cm

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