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Vachagan Narazyan

Born 1957, Russia

Vachaga Narazyan lost his parents as a young boy and went to live with his grandparents. His latest works are a direct reflection of the images he experienced when the circus came to visit his hometown. While the images are true in their depiction, the years that have passed and his feelings at the time he created each piece has a direct effect on the finished work.

Narazyan’s art captivates our hearts with the creation of his own mysterious, intriguing yet classical world on canvas. His paintings are hauntingly beautiful, whimsical and surreal, with provocative symbolic undertones.

The works of this dissident artist are among the most evocative to come out of the non-conformist movement of the former Soviet Union. Narazyan’s poetic and visionary style is simply magical. His subjects are widely diverse, often juxtaposing Old World images with New Age elements.

Vachagan Narazyan

Tower, XX Century

Vachagan Narazyan

9.1 × 26 in | 23 × 66 cm

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