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Orest Kryvoruchko


Orest Kryvoruchko Was born May 9, 1942, Bukovina. In 1972 he graduated from Moscow Stroganov College (department of drawing). A member of the Artist's Union of Ukraine. His works were exhibited in more than 20 countries of the world (America, Japan, China, but mostly in Europe), they are in museums and private collections. A prize-winner of seven international contetests of Ex Libris and Chernivtsi region award named after Sydir Vorobkevich (for personal contribution to the revival and development of culture and art of his native land). Lives and works in Chernivtsi.

Orest Kryvoruchko

Fort of Khotyn, 1973

Orest Kryvoruchko

19.7 × 27.3 in | 50 × 70 cm

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