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Andrey and Aleksey Kulibin


Andrey and Alexey Kulibin are self-taught artists who established their studio in 2020. The advertising industry seemed too bureaucratic and regulated to us, so one day in 2019 we simply decided to create what we wanted. On the fly, using improvised materials, we made a three-dimensional sculpture. This was the first step towards creating our studio, where we could create without any restrictions and at any time. Since we didn't have specialized artistic education, we started creating art objects without any limits, sculpture and painting, and eventually mixing came to a recognizable style.

We work in mixed media - painting, sculpture, and digital art.

Having experience working with advertising, we began exploring the properties of industrial materials and equipment. Over the past 3 years, this has led to the use of a wide range of methods and forms.

Our artistic method is based on the combination of painting and three-dimensional forms created using CNC equipment and 3D printers.

Andrey and Aleksey Kulibin

#2, XXI Century

Andrey and Aleksey Kulibin

9.4 × 9.4 in | 25 × 25 cm

Apollo, XXI Century

Andrey and Aleksey Kulibin

37.2 × 37.2 in | 95 × 95 cm

#1, XXI Century

Andrey and Aleksey Kulibin

9.4 × 9.4in | 25 × 25 cm

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